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Howard Iken – Bankruptcy Attorney

You may want to know something about me.  First, I have spent the last couple of years developing one of the area’s most successful law firms for divorce law, The Divorce Center.  During that time I became aware of the severe financial problems normal everyday working people experience.

I have worked very hard to develop legal services for people that want more than the typical lawyer is prepared to deliver.  My idea of a law firm is to deliver the kind of service I would personally expect.  Not the kind of legal service that makes you feel inferior – but one that partners with you to solve your problems.

Some of my principles;

  • This is a law firm where you can call and actually speak with an attorney.  Go figure!
  • No one is treated like a mushroom (do you know what that means?)
  • We explain everything, what needs to be done now, what is next, and what is last.
  • Fees are quoted up front without the need to use smoke and mirrors.
  • Except of unusual exceptions, all fees are guaranteed flat fees. We respect your money
  • Your time is important and so is ours. Our goal is to do everything with you by mail, email, or fax.
  • Need a follow up explanation? Call us! We don’t have secretaries screen calls.

We have offices in Clearwater, Orlando, Tampa, and New Port Richey.  We will gladly speak with you on the telephone and give a free phone consultation.  Call us now.

Costs and Fees to File Bankruptcy


This is a very short section because we like to be completely upfront with fees. All fees must be paid in advance of the actual filing.  While we prepare your bankruptcy package, we will accept a payment plan leading up to the actual filing.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Flat Fee for Single filer – $1700


Bankruptcy court filing fee

Court-required internet courses – both pre-filing course and post filing course

Public records search with credit report

Attorney attendance with you at Meeting of the Creditors


For joint petition, husband and wife, the total fee is $1800


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Package price includes everything shown above:  $3600 plus filing fee

Why Pick Us?


  • Direct access to your bankruptcy attorney – we don’t screen clients.  You can pick up the phone and speak to your attorney.  There are no games, hiding, or redirecting you to a secretary.  Your case is started, worked-on, and finished by your own attorney.  Plain and simple – you get what you are paying for.
  • No need to come to our office.  If you want – there is only one trip you have to make:  the meeting of the creditors in downtown Tampa.  We can do everything by email, fax, or mail.
  • Our new MyCaseInfo data entry system.  Gives you a personal login and password so you can gradually enter all your required info to submit to us.  No more 55 page client intake forms.
  • No more missed information.  Our flat fee includes a credit report which ensures we list every single one of your debts.
  • Free credit score indicator and predictor.  We will tell you your current credit score and a statistical prediction of what it will be 12 months after your bankruptcy filing.
  • Personalized service from start to finish.  Other firms and services treat you like a number.  We value you and treat you like an individual.  When you hire a lawyer, you should feel like you have someone on your side.

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